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Nicotine shots, often known as nic shots, are 10 ml bottles of flavorless e-liquid that may be added to 0mg vape juice, such as shortfills, to enhance the nicotine content. For most shortfill consumers, nicotine shots are an indispensable accessory.

We have the largest selection of nic shots in Britain, including all the major brands, and they all cost less than a pound. We carry to all vapers by providing nic shots in strengths ranging from 15mg,18mg (our most popular) to 20mg (the strongest) with VG/PG ratio like 50/50 70/30 etc.

Our selection also features traditional freebase shots and nic salt shots like Nic Drip - 70vg - 18mg - Ice Shot, Nic Drip - 70vg - 15mg - Nicotine Shot, which provides a softer punch to the throat. It's simple to pick a nic shot booster that goes with your shortfill because of the wide variety of VG/PG ratios available.

To make a 60ml bottle of high VG e-liquid with 3mg nicotine in sub-ohm devices, add one  Nicotine Shot to a Shake and Vape (Shortfill) product.

Nicotine Shots—to ensure that they continue to provide vapers with the highest quality goods at the most competitive prices. To give you an idea, if you add an 18mg bottle of freebase nicotine to a 50ml Shortfill bottle of e-liquid, you'll get about 3mg of nicotine.

For Example :

- if you add 18mg, 10ml bottle in 60ml Shortfill you will get 3mg nicotine strength

- if you add 18mg, 10ml bottle in 100ml shortfill you will get 3mg nicotine strength

Check out our selection of short-fill e-liquid Nicotine shots! Nic shots are a TPD-compliant technique to make any nicotine-accessible short-fill liquid include nicotine. Available as flavorless, with a minty twist or salt nic shot, combine your 10ml nicotine booster shots with a short fill e-liquid to your preferred nicotine intensity. Using nicotine shot calculator, you can find out how many shots of nicotine you need to add to your e-cigarette to reach your preferred strength.


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