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    We offer the uwell vape kits collection, which has been a big success in the vaping business. Look at the assortment of sets and extras we have for them below! Learn about the newest, most cutting-edge Uwell offerings.

    Easy to transport due to its low weight. The vape pod technology used by Uwell Caliburn is user-friendly. This vape starter kit is perfect for those who have never tried vaping before, and it's also a fantastic option for seasoned vapers who want a portable device that won't break the bank. Caliburn is the finest Juul substitute.

    We offer uwell - nunchaku 2 - vape kit, uwell - crown 4 - vape kit, uwell anglos 60w pod mod kit, and much more. We have a great selection of vape kits for you, whether you're an experienced user or just getting started. You can find all the top vape kit manufacturers here, such as Uwell, Vaporesso, Smok, OXVA, GeekVape, Voopoo, and many more. There's a wide variety of e-cigarette kits available, from basic starting kits designed for those who are used to disposable vapes and cigarettes to high-end kits with additional features.

    Earlier this year, our Uwell vape kits released the Caliburn Pod System, the company's first pod vape kit. It's ultralight and has a very slim body. With its 520mAh internal battery and air switch design, this mod lets you choose between mouth-to-lung and direct vaping. If the draw-activated mechanism in your Caliburn kit stops working, you may always switch to manual mode by pressing the fire button.

    The pod cartridge may be filled from the top, eliminating the potential for leaks, and has a capacity of 2 milliliters. This pod vape kit is an excellent choice if you are getting into vaping.

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